The Prince George Fire Department presently has 4 fire halls strategically located throughout the city to provide optimum coverage for the 81,000 people who call Prince George "home".


Though the four hall provide coverage for their primarily area they also provide back-up assistance to their adjoining hall's area. Because each hall also houses different fire apparatus (i.e. rescue truck, water tenders, ladder truck), often 2 or more halls are called upon to assist in another hall's area because of either the nature or severity of the call.



Hall #1 (commonly referred to as "Base Hall") is located at the corner of 7th and Dominion. When Hall #1 was built the city's population was approximately 14,000 and volunteers from this one station could easily service the city. Today Hall #1 responds to over 1000 calls each year with some or all of the apparatus housed there. Hall #1 is also the administrative center for the Fire Department and houses the Inspections Branch, administrative and management personnel, Training Division and the Dispatch Centre (called F.O.C.C.). Hall #1 was built in 1956 and presently houses Engine 11, Rescue 11 and Engine 12. Hall 1 is manned by an Assistant Chief, Captain and 5 firefighters.













Hall #2 is located at the corner of 5th and Ospika. Hall #2 was built in 1963 and presently houses Engine 21, Ladder 21 and Hazardous Materials Decontamination Unit. A Captain and 3 firefighters man Hall 2. Hall two is located strategically to be effective at backing up any of the other three halls, and thus has a yearly call volume similar to that of Hall #1. With a three story "tower" located just behind the hall, this location is often used for training.












Hall #3 is located just off of Hwy 16 West across from the Westgate Sub-Division. Hall #3 was built in 1977 and presently houses Engine 31, Tender 31 and Engine 32. A Captain and 3 firefighters man Hall 3. As a result of recent growth on the West side of the city, both residential and commercial, Hall #3's call volume has significantly increased over the past few years. This hall is often used as the location for ongoing training such as first aid and auto extrication.












Hall #4 is located on the corner of South Kelly Road and Austin Road. Hall #4 was built in 1978 and presently houses Engine 41, Tender 41 and Tender 42. A Captain and 3 firefighters man Hall 4. Hall #4 is the most remote hall and covers the vast area North of the North Nechako River. This hall is often used as the location for ongoing training such as first aid and tender operation.